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Introduction to Pauly Ting

My name is Pauly Ting and I want to be a product marketer in your company.

I'm an extroverted and strategic perfectionist with an eye for detail and hunger for a creative challenge.

My career has been dedicated to observation, critical thinking, creative output and interpersonal communication.

So here's 5 great reasons to hire me:


It's not my first rodeo

With both digital agency and advertising agency experience, I know what it takes to research, plan, design, deploy and review strategies, campaigns and products.


Creativity is in my blood

I see the world in stories and snapshots. I compose and perform music on guitar, piano and vocals, I write books and blogs plus I'm handy at fixing and making things.


I'm a strong communicator

Whether writing, composing, talking, observing or just playing charades, I'm a strong and skilled communicator. I think, live and breathe communication 24/7.


I'm multi-skilled = versatile, adaptable and flexible

I can code HTML/CSS, hustle and sell, generate fresh ideas, analyse processes and data to create solutions PLUS manage projects, money, time and people.


I'm fit, fully charged and laser focussed

I know what I want — I'm physically fit, focussed, energised and chomping at the bit. This means productivity, positivity and zeal for all!


The Guide to Relationship Marketing gives a simple and actionable overview for building meaningful relationships with customers.

From branding to marketing, advertising, PR and social media strategies, companies are fascinated (and terrified) by the concept of investing emotional value into staff, customers and prospects.

The truth is that business is very personal to both the business and their clients!

Whether for first time college students or as a reminder to seasoned marketers, building an authentic emotional connection with customers is the universal key to marketing and selling success.

Where I've worked

Feedia was a digital agency I founded in 2006. The company started out building websites and email marketing for SMEs and the automotive industry.

2006 to 2011

Over five years, I grew the company to over 200 clients and 15 staff. By this stage, Feedia now specialised in mobile apps, SaaS products, digital product strategies, digital marketing and social media campaigns.

After 5 great years, I decided to sell the company in 2011 for new challenges.

My overall role was Managing Director however being a small business, I worked in a number of roles including Account Direction, Art Direction, Product Marketing, Product Management and Resource Management.

Some of the people I have worked with at Feedia:

Farhad Meher

Dallas Clark
Freehill Media
Snr Engineer

Chris Frampton

Damien Edmonds
QLD Motorways
Snr PM

Letitia Power

Portland State University is a 50-acre campus located in downtown Portland, Oregon. It is a nationally acclaimed leader in sustainability and community-based learning.

Guest Lecturer
2009 to 2011

After hosting a lecture at Portland State University, I was invited for an interview at the 2010 Digital Marketing Conference for my views on social media, digital product design and our approach to applications.

Some of the people I have worked with at Portland State University:

Jennifer Portis
PDX University
Program Mgr

John Hartman
Feedia USA

Susanne Orton
PDX Graduate

TwoCents is an advertising agency I co-founded in 2008 which specialises in creative branding, unique marketing strategies and original advertising campaigns for SMEs.

Co-Founder/Digital Director
2008 to 2011

During the three years, the company grew to over 50 clients, 5 staff and specialised in branding, social media and integrated marketing strategies.

I sold my share in the company in 2011.

My role was COO and Digital Director, responsible for handling not only the back-end operations but project and client integration with Feedia.

Some of the people I have worked with at TwoCents:

Simon Dell

Simon Bell
Sales Coach

Cat Matson

More public speaking, lecturing and teaching experience

Products and Processes I've made

DealerTV - SaaS video sales tool to help car dealerships convert internet leads into appointments and deals.

Our dealer clients were receiving thousands of online enquiries but had a very poor conversion rate due to a lack of tools and online sales know-how.

With my inside experience of the industry, analysis of buyer behaviour and identifying weaknesses in the dealer sales process, I designed DealerTV with our clients from work-flows to wire-frames, testing and published product.

The product had to overcome a few major use-case problems in order to be received and valued:

• Prospects didn't want to do anything new/extra
• Sales people were very reluctant to change
• Solutions needed to add immediate and tangible value
• Had to be low friction and require minimal training

In its first week week (and to this day), our clients' closing ratios soared from 3% to 70%+, profit increased per vehicle and enquiry-to-sales times became as low as 6 hours!

DealerCMS - a SaaS CMS built for in-house marketers in car dealerships.

Our dealer clients had a few monthly requirements: Update their websites, push electronic marketing via SEM, Social Media and Email Marketing, generate website leads and improve their SEO performance.

However with fragmented marketing infrastructure and limited online knowledge, managing their online dealership was a significant challenge.

With my experience managing automotive marketing over 5 years, I designed DealerCMS from workflow to wire-frames and published product.

It involved understanding the problem not from just an end-user experience but operational understanding of dealerships. Building inside intelligence halved the marketing and product design battle.

With an immediate boost in organic SEO performance, monthly maintenance labour reduced by 50% and a 30% increase in web enquiries, DealerCMS became the preferred CMS by dealerships.

Feedia Sales Funnel - a simple system to create, plan, manage and assess lead generation and conversion.

Every month our sales teams needed to have a plan. Leads and deals wouldn't always generate themselves and it was imperative for management to know what worked, what didn't work and where to invest the marketing dollars.

The simple sales funnel was designed to take the overwhelming (and muddy) task of 'sales and marketing' and break it down into visual cues.

Each particular marketing item had a strategy guide on identifying opportunities, managing and executing tasks and a code of conduct.

The sales Qualification process contained a series of specific questions to ensure the Discovery and Proposal phases were accurate, efficient and thorough.

Prospecting and sales data was recorded into a database to monitor percentages and volume of lead sources, qualifications, discoveries, proposals and projects.

Resource Utilisation Calculator - a simple way to calculate resource buy and sell prices based on current usage

Knowing our fixed and sale costs, gross and net margins, accessibility and movement of resources was key to making a profit and improving efficiencies.

I created a resource utilisation calculator to know which resources were the best to use on a project at any given time based on productivity and profitability.

Knowing how and when operations would fluctuate gave great intelligence, confidence and ideas to the sales, marketing and account management team.

This knowledge allowed us to sell down time, reinforce value at peak teams and ultimately maintain a consistent profit margin and quality delivery.

Digital Product Design document which served as commercial proposal for clients wanting customised software solutions.

Companies often struggled to identify product opportunities, design a viable product, and create feasible road maps.

My process helped companies address complex problems in a creative way and apply the principles of lean software methodology to a traditional corporate environment.

Automotive Industry Whitepaper which was compiled to help auto dealerships transition to the world of digital.

Most dealerships were concerned about investing into digital products, social media and online marketing so I compiled a digestable and light-weight introduction for them.

This whitepaper helped us secure additional contracts and have clients re-sign for 2 years with higher retainers.


Most days, I write 1000 words about human behaviour and interpersonal communication.

I feel understanding these concepts are fundamental to effective marketing.

I started writing my blog to share my opinions, observations and insights about people, interactions and communication.

I love understanding how others are influenced, to challenge thinking and to inspire communities and individuals to consider new views.

Writing from my time and experience in advertising, marketing and life, I have gained hundreds of followers and thousands of views per week.

What others say

John Hartman - President of Feedia USA Find John on LinkedIn Follow John on Twitter

“There are times in ones life when you meet someone and see a spark that shines so bright you some times have to look away. Paul and I meet through a name "Feedia". What an amazing piece of good luck for me that I thought that Feedia was a great company name. I can say this has been one of the best coincidences of my life for it afforded me the opportunity to meet Paul.

He is in the grand scheme of things an amazing thinker. His understanding of the life cycle of an idea/product goes well beyond his years. Hailing from a land where "tall poppies get lopped off" it must have been excruciating to have his mind set. Big ideas and how to Imagineer them is in his DNA.

It would be your privilege to work with Paul and I hope someday you get the opportunity.”

Jen Storey - Director of Interactive Minds Find Jen on LinkedIn Follow Jen on Twitter

“Paul is a digital visionary. He views no problem as unsolvable, only as a challenge and then defines unique and ingenious solutions.

Paul was one of our favourite expert panelists for Interactive Minds. His creativity, insights and thought leadership was amazing.

Australia's loss is San Francisco's gain.”

Farhad Meher Homji - Director of Brightlabs Find Farhad on LinkedIn Follow Farhad on Twitter

“I worked with Paul on a number of projects over the years and hope to work with him more in the years to come.

He has the inherent ability to create products that speak directly to his target audience and communicate in a way they understand.

Paul is also great at managing interpersonal relationships and will find ways to quickly and easily make a person feel comfortable in any situation.

These attributes give Paul a unique approach to any job he approaches and its been a pleasure watching him work, and a privilege to work with him."

Alfredo Uzategui - Former Feedian Employee Find Alfredo on LinkedIn

“I had the pleasure to work with Paul during my time at Feedia. From the very beginning he always found ways for us to bring out our best efforts and encouraging us to keep challenging ourselves.

I particularly admire the fact that he can throw you in the deep end of things yet still always have your back when truly needed.

I know Paul will not cease to impress anybody he gets to work with and I look forward to being part of his future ventures.”

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I would love to work with you and your team to share my experience, knowledge and abilities. If you think I would fit well in your company, please contact me!

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